Design is Philosophy and Process

Define Experience

Great experiences are simple solutions built around the complex needs of people and businesses, which is no easy task. Our design process starts, in an analog fashion with pen and paper, by understanding your business and designing for those that interact with your business. Only then can we craft an experience that allows customers to respond quickly to their needs.

Design and Refine the Experience

We believe in form and function, merged in harmony. Design is not just making something look pretty but a painstaking task of decision and precision. Our design process relies on a solid User Experience foundation which allows us to focus on the visual representation of this experience. Critical focus is given to issues such as grid, typography, theme, user goals, and simplicity.

Develop Experience

This is the critical moment where your vision is realized by trusted and knowledgeable hands. You rely on getting it done right, the first time, on time, on budget. Making it work is what we do best. Our success in development is simply because we measure twice, cut once. Our tools are web standards (valid XTHML, CSS, and jQuery) plus Ruby on Rails or CakePHP.

Maintain Experience

What makes us different than other design firms is our commitment to our craft. We are not happy unless you and your customers are happy with our projects. We work with you to reach your goals by setting up comprehensive analytics, perform usability testing, and ultimately refine and maintain the experience for your customers.

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